4 award-winning creative product packaging

Today we take a look at 4 award-winning creative product packaging.

“Dieline” is a platform dedicated to sharing excellent packaging designs around the world. It holds a global packaging design competition every year. In 2018, the official received 1,400 entries from 21 countries around the world, and only 67 entries were awarded in the end. Today, I have selected 4 of the most creative product packaging to share with you.

01 Snåsa product

The bottle looks like a boat in the ancient shape of a nomadic tent. The ancient runic alphabet from the Sami culture is concentrated on the conical neck.

At the same time, the fusion of two colours of glass, inspired by handmade glass techniques, conveys a contemporary and ancient formal language.

02 Food of Imagination

Food of Imagination is a cafe and offers healthy and delicious takeaway products. I have to say that just looking at the packaging makes me very appetizing.


Mutti is the leader in Italian processed tomatoes. As a result, the company has been selected by FICO Eataly World, the world’s largest agri-food park, to be the only ambassador for the industry.

To celebrate this recognition, Mutti commissioned Auge Design to redesign the packaging for six special editions, including four lithographic tins (tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, peeled tomatoes, Datterini tomatoes), tomato paste glass jars and tomato concentrate tubes and Its cardboard clusters.

By using a delicate finish as gold foil, it contrasts with the ivory-coloured, screen-printed material of the surface, giving them a new glamorous and luxurious look.


It is inspired by the signposts on ancient roads: The Clicquot Arrow shows the way. The packaging is a metal case with a sliding lid that contains a 75cc bottle of Veuve Clicquot yellow label champagne.

After reading these creative packaging, which one is your favorite?

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