• 4 award-winning creative product packaging

    4 award-winning creative product packaging

    Today we take a look at 4 award-winning creative product packaging. “Dieline” is a platform dedicated to sharing excellent packaging designs around the world. It holds a global packaging design competition every year. In 2018, the official received 1,400 entries from 21 countries around the…

  • 5 Arm Chandeliers

    5 Arm Chandeliers

    A five arm chandelier is a wonderful addition to any dining or living room. These lights are often made from brass, glass, or other materials. Many are handcrafted. There are also a number of newer versions of the chandelier that have been created in recent…

  • 5 Kitchen Utensil Organizers to Upgrade Your Drawer

    If your utensil drawer looks more like a junk drawer than a place to store tools you reach for daily, it’s time to give it an upgrade. Sorting utensils into compartments helps them stay organized and prevents utensil handles from clashing together or falling under…

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