Top 5 Best Packaging Ideas for 2023

A creative packaging design can not only attract customers’ attention, but also delight the user’s mood. Therefore, there is no doubt that the packaging design of the product is the most direct advertisement.


See Edison’s description of fireflies as the ideal source of cold light. Inspired by this, the designer decided to pay tribute to the great inventor.

Several insect patterns are drawn, which are subtly combined with the hollow part on the front of the package. The body contours of different insects are matched with light bulbs that match their shapes, which can be said to be very creative!

02 Nike Vapormax

In order to promote the Nike Air Vapormax to the world, the designer created a super cool box for it.

The box has 23 sides, and a hinged opening inspired by origami. The exterior design includes product branding, campaign slogans and product-inspired mosaic graphics. The interior features a concept photo of the Vapormax sole with an all-silver foil wrap with black overprint to make the image.

03 Cacoa70

High-value chocolate packaging, it does not focus on the source of ingredients and the description of the ingredient list. But according to the different tastes of chocolate, it gives it a short story.

Created a world of “chocolate state” for us in a rather playful form.

04 The Paper Bottle

With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the discussion on “sustainable packaging” has never stopped. Many designers are making a fuss about reducing plastics or using degradable materials.

This paper bottle is made from virgin pulp from Scandinavian forests. At the same time, the visual concept also draws inspiration from patterns found in spruce and pine.

In addition, the shape of the bottle is also suitable for mass production, meeting production constraints.


Wise is a brand of body care products that also uses eco-friendly materials.

The materials used in this packaging are pulp made from 100% post-consumer waste, stoneware ceramic jars made from FSC certified wood.

I hope to use pulp to package daily necessities such as shampoo, soap and lotion, so that everyone understands that daily necessities can also be packaged without plastic.

The above are the top 5 best packaging creative designs in 2022. If you like it, you can continue to follow us.

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