5 Kitchen Utensil Organizers to Upgrade Your Drawer

If your utensil drawer looks more like a junk drawer than a place to store tools you reach for daily, it’s time to give it an upgrade. Sorting utensils into compartments helps them stay organized and prevents utensil handles from clashing together or falling under the sink, where they may be hard to find when you’re in a pinch for a spatula or cooking spoon. With the right kitchen utensil organizer, you can put everyday flatware in one area, tools that you use less frequently (like salad spinners) in another, and even specialized items like pizza cutters in their own space. And if you’re worried about your new organizer shifting around in the drawer or getting stained by tomato sauce, many options have nonslip feet and either rubber inserts or a textured inner surface that help keep them secure.

Drawer dividers are the simplest way to customize your drawer’s organization and are available for most standard-sized drawers. This option, which comes in a handful of colors and finishes, offers predetermined utensil compartments but can also be trimmed to fit your specific drawer size. For the best results, roll out some drawer liners before fitting in the dividers (this will keep them safe from scratches and nicks and make them easier to clean).

If you’re looking for something that fits nicely into a standard drawer but has a little more room for bigger tools like large mixing spoons or a tool kit, try this utensil tray. It’s compact enough to fit side-by-side with a larger cutlery organizer from the same brand and comes in two different finishes, so you can match it to your kitchen aesthetic.

And for a stylish and sturdy option that’s perfect for deep drawers, this expandable bamboo holder can fit right in. It has three smaller compartments for silverware, separators that keep knives, forks, and spoons collected together so they don’t clash, plus a larger section that opens from the top to accommodate longer tools and gadgets, like whisks or a slotted spoon.

If you want to take a more customized approach, these bamboo utensil trays from Royal Craft Wood allow you to create as many or as few compartments as you need. They’re made from sustainable and recyclable materials, and the dividers extend to up to 16 inches to allow for wide utensils or kitchen tools. (And if you don’t have quite enough drawer space, this Ikea utensil tray is a similar, more budget-friendly choice.) And if you’re inspired to spruce up your whole drawer, consider converting it into a divided jewelry tray or an office organizing solution, too.

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