How to Style a Stylish Jacket

One of the swankiest pieces in your closet is a stylish jacket. The right coat can add a little bit of polish to a casual outfit or even dress it up for a night out. And the best part is that there are so many styles of jackets to choose from!

1. Puffer jacket: Puffer jackets are thick and warm, but they’re also lightweight enough to layer over a tee or shirt for an extra boost of warmth. They typically have hoods and a front flap that buttons or snaps shut. The puffiness is from a filling (typically polyester) that is sewn between the shell and lining of the jacket, giving it a plush look without adding too much weight to your outfit.

2. Denim jacket: A denim jacket is a must-have for anyone who loves to rock a laidback, rugged aesthetic. The style was first popularized in the 1800s by Levi’s, but today you can find a variety of labels that have put their spin on this timeless staple. You’ll want to opt for a darker wash on your denim jacket to keep it looking sleek and modern.

3. Bomber jacket: A true icon, the bomber jacket is the kind of topper that you can literally throw on for anything. From running to the store for milk to going out for a drink with your friends, you’ll never regret having this versatile wardrobe staple on hand. If you’re in the market for a new bomber, make sure to try one that is trimmed for a sleek look.

4. Peacoat

A double-breasted jacket with two columns of pronounced admiral-style buttons and a sizable notch collar, the peacoat is another cold-weather must-have. Originally worn by naval sailors and fisherman, the style was given a major fashion boost thanks to Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor. The sturdy wool jacket was insulated and streamlined to protect men traveling the sea blue, but it became a symbol of elegance.

5. Parka: If you’re a winter athlete, a parka is a must-have for your closet. The style was created by indigenous people that lived in the Arctic, so it’s incredibly warm and water-resistant. You can find parkas in a variety of materials, from seal skin to durable synthetic fibers. The best ones will be windproof and have a hood that can be folded down or up when you’re wearing it.

6. Leather jacket: A staple for fall, a leather jacket is the perfect option for those days when it’s too warm to wear your favorite hoodie but not yet cold enough for a heavy winter coat. You can opt for a suede jacket for an extra luxe look or a leather bomber for a more edgy style.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your outerwear, check out these pretty-in-pink styles that will help you feel and look your best. A stylish jacket can instantly elevate your entire look, so don’t hesitate to give these picks a go!

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