Hey Dudes – A Review

christmas hey dudes

Hey Dudes are light-as-a-feather and stiff-as-a-board — but they can also stink up the joint if you haven’t washed them in a while. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to wash and will help you keep your feet fresh and funk-free.

The Hey Dudes website recommends that you machine wash any of their shoes (except for suede or leather) on a gentle/delicate cycle in cold water. Just make sure that you take out the insoles and shoelaces, as they can get ruined in the washing machine.

In the episode’s cold open, Melody receives a new cowboy hat from Brad. She says that she’s going to wear it at Christmas, which annoys Buddy. Buddy reminds her that they never spend Christmas together, and Jake bullshits about reading “The Night After Christmas”.

The shoes look fashionable with bold contrasting stitching on the denim-look stretch outer fabric, and feature microfibre heel cups and memory foam insoles. They’re designed to be worn with socks or without and are available in a variety of sizes. The company also has a number of other styles, including sandals and boots. They also sell socks that match the shoes for a more coordinated look. The company’s slogan is, “Look Good, Feel Great.” And they really mean it.

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