How Many Furniture Pads Do I Need For My Move?

how many furniture pads do i need

When it comes to protecting your furniture and other large items during a move, there is no substitute for furniture pads. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are typically woven from cotton, polyester or a combination of both.

Moving Pads Are Available to Rent

The best way to know how many furniture pads you need for your move is to go through your house and make a tally of the items that will be wrapped. This will give you a general idea of how much coverage each item will need, and then you can decide on how many furniture blankets to purchase or rent.

How to Wrap Small Items

For smaller pieces of furniture, such as a bookcase, you will need to use a different wrapping method than you would for a larger piece of furniture. This is because the blankets are a bit narrower than the size of your item, so it’s necessary to make sure that each corner is covered with a single pad.

Place the blanket over the item and secure it in place with tape. If your item isn’t as heavy, you can try using a rubber band instead of tape to hold it down.

Paper Pads are a good choice for packing smaller furniture items because they’re inexpensive and easy to work with. These can be purchased in bulk, so you’ll want to have enough for your entire move. You can also buy small packs of paper pads and then cut them to the size you need.

You can even use a few pads for your larger furniture items like headboards, armoires and dining room tables to ensure that they get plenty of protection. This can help you avoid the need to re-wrap your items at the next stop along the way.

A final option for avoiding the need for re-wrapping is to use shrinkwrap. While shrinkwrap can do damage to leather and wood if left for long periods of time, it’s an extremely effective way to keep your furniture safe during the move.

It’s not a good idea to use shrinkwrap on furniture that has been wrapped in a moving pad, because the padding will keep it from getting caught in the shrinkwrap. It’s also a good idea to add another layer of padding on top of the moving pad before wrapping it in shrinkwrap.

Moving Blankets Are Often Used for Other Purposes

One of the most common uses for furniture pads is to protect heavily-trafficked hallways and doorways from getting damaged. You can do this by securing them to walls and door frames with packing tape. Or you can use them to wrap large area rugs so that they can be easily rolled up and carried by your mover.

You can find furniture pads anywhere, including at local moving pod companies and home improvement stores. You can also check with a moving company to see if they offer them for rental.

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