Bent Karlby Lyfa Pan Wall Lamp

lyfa pan

The Lyfa Pan is a minimalist pendant lamp from the Bent Karlby Studio, featuring polished aluminium and monochrome surfaces. Its open tube-like design creates diffused light while concealing its light source. The downward lighting is functional, while the upward lighting is subtle. The Lyfa Pan is a beautiful addition to any home or office.

Bent Karlby

The Bent Karlby Lyfa Pan pendant is a great example of the Danish designer’s talent. Its open tube design allows the light to diffuse without exposing the light source. Its downward illumination is functional and the upward illumination is decorative. Karlby was trained as an architect and also designed furniture, wallpaper, and oil paintings.

The original pan light designed by Bent Karlby for Lyfa is a classic Danish hanging lamp. It is made of brass and aluminium and casts a soft, diffused light. This piece was manufactured in the 1970s.


The LYFA pan is a wall lamp designed by Bent Karlby. It features a polished aluminium base, 12 pipe-like segments, and a 300cm bulb. The lamp casts a warm, intimate light on the wall. It measures 36cm high, 9.5cm wide, and 11.1cm deep. It uses an E27 bulb with a maximum power of 40W. It comes with a white cable.

The design of the PAN is derived from an original 1970s Swedish design by Bent Karlby. The pendlen is fremstilt aluminium. It is available in two storrels and produces a binnenlight. The resulting light creates a nicely lighted room.

PAN series

The PAN series is a lighting fixture with a distinctive look. Its anodized aluminium surface features a partially-visible pipe resembling a panpipe. It is one of several panpipe-themed lamps designed by Lyfa. The lamp measures H 36 cm, W 9.5 cm, and D 11.1 cm, and uses E27 light bulbs with a maximum 40W capacity. The lamp comes with a white cord.

The PAN series is designed by Bent Karlby and is produced by Lyfa. It is available in many different models. Originally, the PAN lamps featured coloured interiors, but today they have monochromatic surfaces and are suitable for contemporary living.


The Design of LYFA PAN is inspired by the 1970s Pop-Art style. The original PAN lamps were colored on the inside. The new version is made of monochrome aluminum for a cleaner expression. Karlby’s oil paintings were exhibited internationally in the 1940s.

The Pan is made up of 12 polished aluminium pipes. The open tubular design allows the light to be diffused. This allows the light source to be hidden while providing functional illumination. It also provides subtle upward lighting.


LYFA’s Pan wall lamp is more than a luminaire – it’s a piece of art. Made from anodized aluminium, the lamp’s structure is reminiscent of the pipes of an organ. This unique feature creates a stunning statement in any room.

LYFA’s Pan wall lamp is an elegant work of art. Constructed from anodized aluminium, the remarkably sculptural swivel head provides both direct downlight and subtle ambient lighting. The lamp’s anodised aluminium surfaces create a unique architectural look that makes it a statement in any room.

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