T5 Light Bulbs

t5 light bulbs

Whether you want to replace a tired old T8 bulb or supplement your current grow lights, T5 bulbs are an excellent choice. They produce less light than their T8 counterparts, and they can be more economical. T5 bulbs are also interchangeable, so you can get the exact type you need without having to purchase a new fixture. Just make sure you select bulbs designed for the vegetative stage.

Cool spectrum

Cool spectrum T5 light bulbs provide the right amount of light for growing plants. They emit red and orange wavelengths in the 2000-3000k range, making them ideal for the flowering and rooting stages of plant growth. They also have low energy use and are compatible with standard fluorescent fixtures.

5/8” diameter

These 5/8” diameter fluorescent tubes produce a beautiful effect for decorative lighting. They can enhance the look of studios, exhibitions, and publicity signs. They are also perfect for use in arcades. The tubes come in a variety of colours and range in wattage from 14W to 35W.

60,000 lumens

If you’re looking for a plant lighting option, 60,000 lumens T5 bulbs are an excellent choice. These bulbs produce more light than other varieties of bulbs, and have a longer lifespan than T12 bulbs. T5 bulbs are also internally coated with phosphorus, which softens the light and helps bring it closer to the leaves. This ensures that plants receive the essential wavelengths of light that they need without burning or bleaching them.

Cheaper than T8

While T5s cost less than T8s, they do have some downsides. One is that they do not last as long. Because of this, you might find yourself having to replace them more often, which can lead to a higher cost. However, the long-term energy savings of switching to T5s will more than offset this extra expense. Besides, you may be eligible for tax credits on your investment.

Shorter than T12

When choosing light bulbs for your home, you’ll want to make sure that the type of light bulb you purchase is compatible with the type of fixture you have. Because T5 light bulbs are shorter, they won’t fit in the same fixtures as larger T8 or T12 bulbs. Therefore, a conversion adapter is necessary for these types of bulbs.

ATI Blue Plus

ATI Purple Plus (T5) light bulbs are a combination of the properties of a full spectrum bulb with a high percentage of red and blue components. These bulbs produce excellent color rendition. However, they are best used in pairs with two or more other T5 light bulbs for maximum impact.

Prism Lighting Science

The Prism Lighting Science grow light is one of the most versatile T5 lights available. It operates at four different voltages to suit your growing needs. It comes with 6500k bulbs that are ideal for vegetative, cloning and propagation stages. You can easily switch these out for 3000k bulbs to boost flowering, if desired. These bulbs can also be daisy-chained for large grow rooms.

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