Risks and Problems of Digital Works

Today, let’s talk about the risks and problems of digital works

Experts say: The concrete, subtle, and accidental experience of people’s body and mind can become valuable materials for artistic creation. The key is to obtain the wise care, collection, arrangement, sublimation and expression of the creator.

E-commerce companies specializing in digital art have also begun to emerge.

In January 2022, many countries have already held large or small digital art auctions, digital art continues to be sold, and the world’s digital art market is getting bigger and bigger.

Risks and Problems of Digital Works

Risks and Issues of Digital Works

For the emerging art category of digital artwork, we should first affirm its novelty, originality and epoch.

The digitization of artworks first makes artworks rejuvenate with infinite vitality. The contemporary digital artworks created with digital technology also bring us unprecedented impact and enjoyment in terms of vision and concept.

The most important thing is to digitize art, so that classic works of art can be brought close to the general public, and art can be brought into campuses, commercial spaces, communities, hospitals, and families through digital methods, and it has played its function of aesthetic education.

Risks and Problems of Digital Works

However, as a brand-new art form, the collection of digital art and its market value do need to be verified by time.

The painting of the encryption artist Beeple that the buyer spent hundreds of millions of dollars photographed is just a 316MB JPG file composed of 5,000 artworks? Just a purely digital artwork, not a physical painting in the traditional sense? This is so incredible!

It feels illusory and a little unreliable. Real artworks have the functions of appreciation and re-realization. Whether digital artworks can be re-realized in the future is doubtful.

Risks and Problems of Digital Works

Of course, digital works also face many problems. Among them, the financial risks brought by NFT are undoubtedly huge, and this kind of capital speculation with artworks as a gimmick is worrying.

The author believes that, like Bitcoin, will NFT become a speculation by speculators in the future, and it will be the last chicken feather? There is nothing wrong with the digitization of artworks, but the crazy hype of NFT makes people question their original intentions.

This is quite similar to the art stock split that emerged a few years ago. Then there is the issue of copyright. Copying the works of deceased painting masters and digitizing them, is there any infringement?

Risks and Problems of Digital Works

The digitization of artwork itself is a good thing, but the prospect of NFT financialization is worrying. Slow development is the best way to develop it. It should not be ups and downs. From the past experience, the capitalization of artworks often brings about the same problems. Not a good result.

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